Our Two Legged Team

Kingmik guides have many years of experience “on the runners”, from the Yukon, Northwest Territories, Alaska, BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan Quebec,  and the lower 48. They know and love dogs and are dedicated and caring dog drivers. Each hold first aid certifications and most have had extensive wilderness experiences.


Megan - Queenmik of Kingmik

Megan - Queenmik of KingmikMegan’s life went to the dogs in 1993 when she was introduced to mushing in the Northwest Territories on the remote east arm of Great Slave Lake.  For a month she ran dog teams over frozen lakes and under the northern lights while caribou herds migrated south. She returned home, promptly gave up two perfectly good careers and now runs dogs for a living!     As well as racing teams, Megan focused on the sport of skijoring for several years, and raced her way to a North American silver medal. Her devotion to the dogs is strong enough to offset a life long allergy to them!

Kylie Attkins

Kylie AttkinsA big shout out to a local ski resort for firing Kylie so she could find her way to Kingmik! We often talk about every dog having it’s right “place “ in this world, and we suppose this goes for people too. Kylie is an exceptional dog person, an excellent guide, a sharp logistics wrangler, and a very funny person. After a brief hiatus to bring little Finn into the world, we’re thrilled to have her back in capacity of much loved guide, and operations manager 1.

Craig Rogerson

Craig RogersonCraig originally joined Kingmik in 2012 from across the pond and it’s a wonder he stayed for he waited a full 6 hours at the airport for a pick up, wondering if the whole thing was a hoax. (sorry Craig)  At some point I said to Kylie  “we have to keep this guy around.. he’s good”  So she married him.  (thanks Kylie) After taking time out to become dad to wee Finn, Craig is returning to Kingmik as Operations Manger 2, super guide and fix everything guy.