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Our Dogs

Our dogs are the beloved stars of the show! Our dog family includes 80 working dogs, 12 retirees, and Tam the Australian cattle dog/sled dog imposter. The majority of our dogs have been born right here in the kennel, with a few joining the family from other kennels or rescue situations.  Wherever they come from they seldom leave our kennel unless to be adopted into suitable retirement homes. Yes, of course, they all have names!! (and even nicknames)  as well as very distinct personalities, likes and dislikes. By spending all day every day with them we know each dog intimately and they are all treated as the individuals they are.  Our lives revolve around their care and well being and it is immensely rewarding and a wonderful blessing to live amongst such honesty, exuberance and great generosity of spirit. They are known as “Alaskan Huskies”, the champion athletes of the canine world. An Alaskan Husky is technically a mutt, as they are not recognized by any kennel club as an established breed of dog. However!… they are a meticulously bred mutt, with breedings conducted solely on the merits of their athletic abilities. Their origins can be traced back to the early working dogs of the Alaskan villages. Their tasks involved mail delivery, freight delivery, working traplines and transporting doctors to patients in need.   Over time, some speedy dogs were added to the mix, and from this, the Alaskan Husky has evolved. Their desire to run and pull is genetically hard-wired into them.  While a border collie loves to herd sheep, or a bird dog naturally points, an Alaskan husky loves to run and pull. Learn more about the Alaskan Husky.