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Adopt a Dog

From time to time we have dogs that we are looking to place in an active and caring home. These dogs may be retiring from their job, or are of the temperament that they would prefer a quieter environment with a human to call their own. Some of these dogs may still be very very active, and some of them may be happy to hold a couch down for the majority of the day.  All of them have been assessed in regard to their ability to transition into a pet home and pet lifestyle. While some of these dogs looking for a home are considered elderly, Alaskan Huskies are bred for health and athleticism, and so usually they do very well right into old age. Because of their breeding, many 10-year-old Alaskans will be able to run circles around 5-year-old retrievers at the dog park. THE PROCESS Contact us at info@kingmikdogsledtours with subject “dog adoption”  We will then send you a more detailed document about adopting a sled dog plus a questionnaire which will enable us to determine the sort of lifestyle you lead and who in the kennel might be best suited to your lifestyle.  We will then send out photos and bios of whom we consider as suitable.  We can then arrange a meet and greet session. Or if you already have a dog in mind we can discuss that particular pooch. Dogs that are up for adoption are profiled on our Kingmik Facebook page.