About Kingmik

“In 1982, after 8 years of exploring the valleys and high passes of the Canadian Rockies by dog team, Doug Hannah, a local Albertan boy, wanted to share the magical world of dog mushing with others. It did not take much to convince the Parks that this historical mode of travel should be offered to visitors. Travel by dog team is after all, part of Canada’s heritage,  and there were no commercial touring companies in existence at that time. Initially it was considered an oddity to see dog teams whisking guests around the perimeter of Lake Louise, but the allure caught on quickly.

Today, Kingmik still retains the intimate and personable feel of the early days. We consider ourselves small but mighty, with just 90 amazing dogs, and 11 full time dog mushers. Every sled is guided, which amounts to a guest to guide ratio of 2:1, and we run no more than 6 sleds per tour time, with the option of a completely private tour. We feel that this enables guests to best experience the silent grace and beauty of dog mushing.”

Doug Hannah now resides in the Yukon with his partner Yasmin, where he threshes his own wheat, bakes bread in the wood stove, and keeps llamas, Norwegian ponies, and stray dogs of all kinds. Visit him there at Lynx Track Farm Bed and Breakfast outside the town of Faro.