Tour FAQs


What is the difference between the Great Divide Tour and the Winter Wonderland Tour?

The Great Divide Tour and the Winter Wonderland Tour are the SAME dogsled tour, however the Winter Wonderland includes transportation from Banff.  It is designed for those who are staying in Banff and who do not have transportation but would still like to visit the crown jewel of the Rockies…Lake Louise.

What is your cancellation policy?

72 hours. If you must cancel within this time period we do everything we can to re-sell the sled. If we are successful there is no charge for your cancelled sled. If we are unsuccessful you are charged in full.  But again, we work hard at re-selling your sled.

What should I wear?

Please dress warmly. You will enjoy your experience so much more. This includes, but is not limited to, a warm windproof hat, neck protection in the form of a scarf or neck tube, a windproof jacket with a hood, warm leggings under windproof shell,. If you keep your chest and abdomen and head warm, your fingers and toes are less likely to cool off. Warm mitts and warm boots are essential. If you do not own these items please check with Snowtips Bactrax in Banff, or Wilson Mountain Sports in Lake Louise. In addition, we recommend purchasing the disposable packet hand and foot warmers that are sold just about everywhere in Canada in the winter. Air activated, these little packets will provide heat for up to 5 hours and can be tucked in your mittens and boots.

Is there a shuttle that picks us up at the hotel?

We do not have a shuttle but we are only 1 km away from the Chateau Lake Louise . If you don’t have a vehicle, you can either take a cab to us or walk down to us.   Some folks walk down and take a cab back up hill.
There is a very good cab company in the village.

Are there age restrictions?

No. We’ve taken 6 month old babies on a tour, and an 87 year old elder. The only consideration when taking out the very young and the elderly , is the temperature. If it’s very cold, their participation must be considered carefully .

Can parents send their kids out alone?

Certainly on the Narnia Tour. On the Great Divide Tour we need to discuss this with parents.
Parents have to be present to sign waivers for their kids.

Can we bring treats for the dogs?

Absolutely! The guides like treats too!

How do we sit in the sled?

Similar to a bobsled. The person in the back snugs right up to the back of the sled, and the person in the front snugs right up to the person in the back. Intimate seating! That’s why we don’t put strangers together.

Can I drive the sled myself for the tour

Narnia tours are fully guided. There is no opportunity to drive the sled.  On the Great Divide Tour there is an opportunity to drive with the guide for a portion of the trip home. 

Can myself, my husband and 4 year old and 6 month old all go in one sled?

It’s as much about space as it is weight when filling a sled. IF this family were small in stature ( not 6 footers) then I would consider it for the Mushing 101 only. The way they sit (biggest to smallest) means the little one is sitting way out front and the sleddbag cannot be closed. It can be cold and windy up there, and the dogs do kick up snow . Some times parents put babies between them (cause the babe is not really interested in the show anyhow) but this means the front person cannot relax into the sled with out squishing the little one. So for longer tours this is very taxing.

Will I see wildlife?

It’s pretty quiet in the winter time, but we do see lots of tracks. Lynx, wolverine, snow shoe hare, and lately we have even spotted a fischer that has taken up residence on the trail. In the past, we have seen elk, moose and even a grizz on the trail but these are once in a decade sightings.

Is there avalanche terrain?

None whatsoever.

Is it safe?

All the guides are experienced dog drivers.  Most of our guides have a decade to a quarter century of driving dog teams. Our new guides are vetted carefully and then put thru a full 2 months of Mushing School.  We have never had an incident. The worst that can happen is that a dog might pee on you.

Are hot chocolate and cookies served?

No. None of the guides can bake but they’re amazing mushers! And our trail, at 10 miles in length, requires us to spend the full 1 ½ time getting around it. This is a long distance covered in the time span allowed.

Is the trail rough? I have a back problem.

The trail is groomed regularly and the main trail is perfect. The “Narnia” trail that goes thru the woods, has more swoops and dips to it. If it has been snowing, the trail will be soft. If it has not snowed in a long time, the trail becomes hard and the sled can bang more, on the bumps.

Can pregnant woman participate?

We have taken many pregnant woman out before, but we advise that they talk to their doctors first. (see above about trail) You can always call us to check on trail conditions.

Can I bring my dog?


Can I bring some champagne or fireball?

Do not understand this question? Did I hear it?

Can we cancel if the weather is ugly?

The only weather we call ugly is 30 below or colder… And then we cancel so you don’t have to.

Where to stay in Lake Louise?

  • The Chateau Lake Louise is our partner . The Chateau is the original lodgings in Lake Louise. It stands on the shore of Lake Louise and is the historical center of the area. This lovely hotel rovides lovely dining and many shopping experiences.
  • The Deer Lodge is the oldest building left in the area. The essence of the early and exciting boom times permeate the air within the Deer. Excellent dining and a historical experience.
  • The Post is a member of the prestigious Relais & Chateau hotel association, which is recognized by cultured travellers as a guarantee of quality. Located in the village.
  • The Moutaineer Lodge is located in central village. It provides wonderfully comfortable and affordable fine lodging.
  • The Hi Alpine Lodge is the alpine hostel. Offers private and shared quarters.
  • Lake Louise Inn is considered the favorite of families. It sports an indoor pool and several restaurants. Located central village.
  • Baker Creek Chalets, located about 20 minutes from the village on the Bow Valley parkway, is a favorite with locals for the quiet location and exceptional dining experience.