Our Two Legged Team

Kingmik guides have many years of experience “on the runners”, from the Yukon, Northwest Territories, BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan Quebec,  and the lower 48. They know and love dogs and are dedicated and caring dog drivers. Each has first aid and wilderness survival training.

Megan - Queenmik of Kingmik

Megan - Queenmik of KingmikMegan’s life went to the dogs in 1993 when she was introduced to mushing in the Northwest Territories on the remote east arm of Great Slave Lake.  For a month she ran dog teams over frozen lakes and under the northern lights while caribou herds migrated south. She returned home, promptly gave up two perfectly good careers and now runs dogs for a living!     As well as racing teams, Megan focused on the sport of skijoring for several years, and raced her way to a North American silver medal. Her devotion to the dogs is strong enough to offset a life long allergy to them!


TomoTomo has been working with Kingmik on a part time and full time basis since 2003. Born inTokyo, Tomo came across the ocean after pouring over books the Arctic world and of the solo adventures of Naomi Uemura. He began his new life with a winter Outward Bound course in Minnesota, where he started his dog sledding career with their Eskimo huskies. The following winter he went to the Northwest Territories to learn contemporary mushing.  “I learnt that dog sledding is all about the work and care- the dedication between human and dog.” He has experienced the broad spectrum of mushing, from assisting in Will Steger’s team for their expedition to the North Pole, and has trained sprint dogs for their 10mile, full speed dash. He has been running dog teams for 20 years and tours for 10. Tomo is also an accomplished solo mountaineer, naturalist and avid birder.


YoannYoann grew up in the French Alps and comes from a long lineage of adventurers . His grandfather was a high alititude climber in the European Alps and Himilayas, his mother was crew on an ocean going research vessel, and his father is also a mountaineer. Yoann sailed to Svalsbad Norway when he was 7 years old and it was here he saw his first sleddog. He returned a decade later to learn the art of dog mushing and since then he’s been running teams in Iceland, Alaska and Canada, which he now calls home. This will be his second year with Kingmik and we’re privledged to have him. As well as being talented dog musher, Yoann is a helicopter pilot, and holds a degree in alternative energy. He’s also very tall.

Stef and Jon

Stef and JonStef and John are experiential education addicts! Whatever country they land in, they immerse themselves in something that is quintessential to that country. So, when landing in Canada a year ago, they had to chose between being voyageurs or dog mushers. So, being dog crazy, they became dog mushers. They jumped into Kingmik Dog Mushing School and spent 100 days learning the basics of sled dog care and mushing, and we’re happy to say they’re two of the best young mushers out there on the trail today! They return from their summer ramblings to spend another winter on the trail and we’re thrilled to have them back.


EvelyneLa Belle Quebecois!
This is Evelyne’s third year with Kingmik and sixth year “on the runners” Evelyne hails from Quebec but now calls western Canada home. She is a graduate of the Outdoor Intervention and Adventure Tourism program from the Universite du Quebec, and is a keen adventurer.
Alongside running dog teams, Evelyne is an avid climber, hiker, river runner and traveller. Bully, a retired sleddog, is her constant companion. Evelyne is enthused to share her passions and is focused on making the outdoors her home and office.  Evelyne will be helping us out on a part time basis this winter.


MarcAfter a 10 year absence, Marc is back to grace our trails and share his profound love of the natural world with Kingmik guests. Marc is a professional guide. When he is not guiding dog teams, he is guiding polar bear tours in Churchill Manitoba, leading expeditions in Svalbard and Greenland, and floating around in a zodiac in the Antartic or down the Tatsheshini River.
“The breaths you take is not important. It’s the experiences that take your breath away”

Kylie Attkins

Kylie AttkinsA big shout out to a local ski resort for firing Kylie so she could find her way to Kingmik! We often talk about every dog having it’s right “place “ in this world, and we suppose this goes for people too. Kylie is an exceptional dog person, an excellent guide, a sharp logistics wrangler, and a very funny person. After a brief hiatus to bring little Finn into the world, we’re thrilled to have her back in capacity of much loved guide, and operations manager 1.

Craig Rogerson

Craig RogersonCraig originally joined Kingmik in 2012 from across the pond and it’s a wonder he stayed for he waited a full 6 hours at the airport for a pick up, wondering if the whole thing was a hoax. (sorry Craig)  At some point I said to Kylie  “we have to keep this guy around.. he’s good”  So she married him.  (thanks Kylie) After taking time out to become dad to wee Finn, Craig is returning to Kingmik as Operations Manger 2, super guide and fix everything guy.

Marcus Andersen

Marcus AndersenMarcus comes to Kingmik for the easy life! For the last few years he has been part of the Greenland Sirius Dog Team Patrol where he travelled the north coast of Greenland protecting sovereignty and having a Great Big Adventure.
5000 km, 6 months, 13 dogs, and two very stinky men! He’s keen to share his love of adventure, love of dogs and his fabulous stories.
Marcus Andersen

Lisa Jol

Lisa JolWe’re pleased to have Lisa join us this year from the land down under. Her background includes working with youth in outdoor education , ,tending dairy cattle in New Zealand and working as a canine rehabilitation hydro therapist. She loves working with animals for the sense of peace it brings to her life. Their uncomplicated honesty is a joy to work with.
Lisa Jol

Rene Vervaat

Rene VervaatRenee has come galloping over the mountain tops to trade in her horse and lariat for a dog team! For the last two years she has been cowgirling around the countryside pushing cattle for the Gang Ranch, and working as a wilderness guide and outfitter in BC and Alberta. She reports that there is nothing like the view from the top of a mountain from the back of a horse! As a dual citizen of Holland and Canada, Renee has the privilege of working in multiple countries. We’re glad she has chosen us.
Rene Vervaat

Alvaro Garcia

Alvaro  GarciaAs a Wee Spanish Sprout, Alvaro experienced a dog sled trip in Finland and vowed to return to it one day. To solidify his dream, he had a dog team tattooed on his ankle, and a decade later he is making his dream come true. Alvaro and his dog Yago joined us in early autumn to become acquainted with the Kingmik dogs and help train them up for the winter season. Prior to working with the sleddogs Alvaro was working in doggie day cares. He and Yago are thrilled to be on board and we’re thrilled to have them. While Yago is not running in harness, he does a lot of cheering from the sidelines.
Alvaro  Garcia