Our Two Legged Team

Kingmik guides have all had many years of experience “on the runners”, from the Northwest Territories, to Alaska and the lower 48. They know and love dogs and are dedicated and caring dog drivers. Each has first aid and wilderness survival training.

staff_megan3Megan – Queenmik of Kingmik

Megan’s life went to the dogs in 1993 when she was introduced to mushing at the Hoarfrost River Homestead on the east arm of Great Slave Lake in the far north. For a month she ran dog teams over frozen lakes and under the northern lights while caribou herds migrated south. She returned home, promptly gave up two perfectly good careers and now runs dogs for a living!
As well as racing teams, Megan focused on the sport of skijoring for several years, and raced her way to a North American silver medal. 
Megan’s devotion to the dogs is strong enough to offset her allergies to them!



Tomo has been working with Kingmik on a part time and full time basis since 2003.
Born inTokyo, Tomo came across the ocean after pouring over books the Arctic world and of the solo adventures of Naomi Uemura. He began his new life with a winter Outward Bound course in Minnesota, where he started his dog sledding career with their Eskimo huskies. The following winter he went to the Northwest Territories to learn contemporary mushing.  “I learnt that dog sledding is all about the work and care- the dedication between human and dog.” He has experienced the broad spectrum of mushing, from assisting in Will Steger’s team for their expedition to the North Pole, and has trained sprint dogs for their 10mile, full speed dash. He has been running dog teams for 20 years and tours for 10. Tomo is also an accomplished solo mountaineer, naturalist and avid birder.


Previously a Bear Grylls Survival Instructor in the UK, Morgan arrived in Canada in 2015 to fulfill a lifelong dream of learning to run sled dogs. After picking up experience handling and racing with Ontario-based Golton Racing Kennel last winter, Morgan is now flying the Kingmik flag.
An avid traveller, Morgan has surfed his way thru Central America and had his behind kicked at Thai boxing in Thailand Somewhere in between all this he acquired a degree in Sports and Exercise Science. When he’s not working with the dogs, you can find Morgan at the local Jiu Jitsu academy, teaching colleague Jon a lesson!



Yoann grew up in the French Alps and comes from a long lineage of adventurers . His grandfather was a high alititude climber in the European Alps and Himilayas, his mother was crew on an ocean going research vessel, and his father is also a mountaineer.
Yoann sailed to Svalsbad Norway when he was 7 years old and it was here he saw his first sleddog. He returned a decade later to learn the art of dog mushing and since then he’s been running teams in Iceland, Alaska and Canada, which he now calls home. This will be his second year with Kingmik and we’re privledged to have him. As well as being talented dog musher, Yoann is a helicopter pilot, and holds a degree in alternative energy. He’s also very tall.


Stef and JonStef and Jon

Stef hails from New Zealand and Jon from Britain. They are new to Kingmik and bring an enormous amount of enthusiasm and energy to the team. They’ve spent the last decade travelling the world and come most recently from Iceland where they worked at a domestic zoo and animal rescue center. Stef spoils us all with her wizardry as a chef, and Jon loves to mop the floor with Morgan at the Jiu Jitsu academy.
They’ve been running the Kingmik teams for the last 3 months and look forward to their first winter in the Canadian Rockies.



La Belle Quebecois!
This is Evelyne’s second year with Kingmik and fith year “on the runners” Evelyne hails from Quebec but now calls western Canada home. She is a graduate of the Outdoor Intervention and Adventure Tourism program from the Universite du Quebec, and is a keen adventurer.
Alongside running dog teams, Evelyne is an avid climber, hiker, river runner and traveller. Bully, a retired sleddog, is her constant companion. Evelyne is enthused to share her passions and is focused on making the outdoors her home and office.



Jillian got her start with dogs as a sports reporter covering dog mushing in the Yukon 16 years ago. Since then, she moved to Alaska, got her own dogs and started racing and running dog sled tours. She’s completed several mid-distances races ranging from 50 miles to 300 miles, and has guided tours across Arctic Alaska and in Northern Finland. While never a competitive racer, Jillian simply enjoyed the thrill of seeing new trails and spending time in solitude with her team. She stopped racing several years ago when she moved to Homer, Alaska, to start a small dog sled tour business. Sharing the dogs and the lifestyle with visitors is something that she considers a privilege. In the years since, Jillian went back to full-time journalism, working for a small paper covering Arctic Alaska. Most recently, she moved to Haines in Southeast with a couple of her oldest huskies to take on the role of news director for the local public radio station. But, dogs, dirty hands, and the great outdoors called her back to mushing. She is beyond excited to join the Kingmik team.